Vol 7: EU Legal Culture and Translation

Note: This issue was launched with an eponymous special, guest-edited by Vilelmini Sosoni & Łucja Biel. Additional articles on related topics were subsequently added.


Vol 6: The Fabric of Language and Law

Note: This is a special conference issue. As is custom in Open Access publishing, articles were paginated and released as quickly as possible. The full issue was later rearranged to reflect the conference's logical structure. This resulted in unusual pagination, but combines the best of both swift publishing and coherent editing.


Vol 5: International Law and Pragmatics

Note: This is JLL's first volume after the passing of one of its founding editors, Peter M. Tiersma, in 2014. It marks the transition of editorship from the remaining founding editors, Lawrence M. Solan and Dieter Stein, to the current editors, with an extended research article on pragmatics in interpreting international law.


Vol 4: Tribute to Peter M. Tiersma († 2014)

Note: There was no JLL vol. 4. The journal went into hiatus for one year upon the passing of one of its founding editors, the late Peter M. Tiersma (1952–2014). The lack of vol. 4 visibly reminds us of the gap that Peter left in the academy, and his critical role in JLL, which we gratefully commemorate by leaving vol. 4 unassigned.

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